Jaguarr x Always ADashOf Roan

Jaguarr x Always ADashOf Roan

2021 Quarter Horse Foal
Barn Name: Fireball





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Ruby Buckle

Riata Buckle


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Royal Crown

Royal Crown Canada

Blue Collar Incentive

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Breeder’s Elite Roping Incentive


Sire: Jaguarr (Dash Ta Fame x Rosas Cantina CC)


Dash Ta Fame

$30 Million Barrel Racing Sire, SI 113

#1 All Time Leading Barrel Racing Sire


Rosas Cantina CC

LTE $470,000+

5x NFR Qualifier

2020 NFR Round Winner

2019 Calgary Stampede Champion

Badlands Circuit Finals Average Champion

Champions Challenge Winner

Listed as a Top 50 Lifetime Barrel Horses Earners in Barrel Horse News

First Dam: Dash  ta  Vanila

NFR  Qualifier  with a LTE  of  $150k+.

Second Dam: SX  Frenchmans  Vanila

First  futurity  triple  crown  winner  with a LTE  over  $250k+



Dam: Always ADashOf Roan(A Streak Of Fling x A Dash Of Fling)


A Streak of Fling

SI 98

LTE: $27,645


#5 Lifetime All-Time Futurity Sires

Sire of Fame Fling N ‘Bling’ ($768,192)

2016 Bob Feist Int’l Champion Header

NFR Qualifier



A Dash Of Fling

Daughter of Streak and Dash (SI 104, LTE $42,987)